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Welcome to the world of Swaps!

This will change the way you read stuff. Forever.

You can find any information in Internet, but what happens if it takes more than 10-30 mins to comprehend it?

What if you have to spend several days to understand a new market research or a technology? What if such tasks come up multiple times a day, every day?

Can you concentrate on one thing for days or weeks and let the rest wait?

Can you ever get all of them done?

Drop all into your SwapMash box: pdfs, epubs, docs, texts, links, videos, images - whatever comes to mind.

We`ll make reading to an exciting journey for you.

Get maximum from the information.

Swapping improves your productivity

Get all your reading stuff in one place

Set up your reading priorities

Watch your reading habits and statistics

Increase amount of stuff you can read and enjoy

Share and discuss your swaps

Be well informed. Make it part of your success


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Make reading to an interesting challenge with yourself. Spend a minute here, five minutes there - this is the best fit for your busy lifestyle.


Easily add new eBooks

Easily add new eBooks

Let`s call them Swaps

Get stats about Swaps

Get stats about Swaps

Watch your progress as you read

Challenge yourself

Challenge yourself

Get an overview

Get an overview

How much did you already finish?

Watch your reading habits

Watch your reading habits

Do you read too much at night?

Manage your swaps

Manage your swaps

Read them at your pace

Reading by week day

Reading by week day

When do you read the most?

Configure swaps

Configure swaps

Where should we pull them from?

Get an overview

Get an overview

See the stats over the swaps you`re reading

Read and enjoy

Read and enjoy

Microlearning is the best fit for your intensive lifestyle

Frequently Asked Questions

  • SwapMash makes reading experience to an exciting journey. Drop in all of your pdfs, epubs, docs, texts etc. - and SwapMash will organize and adjust it for your busy lifestyle. We`re aware you don`t have much time to read, so you can read occasionally but still have an overview and dig into details with many things in parallel. You can also watch and analyse your own reading habits. We love what we`ve built and sure you`ll love it too.

  • Think of your ongoing tasks, related to reading and comprehending stuff, which take more than 10-20 mins to get them done. Example: you need to learn a new tutorial located at some site. There are multiple links to various topics of that tutorial. You go through the links while reading stuff. What if you get interrupted with other tasks? Save a bookmark in your browser, right? Before you finish this tutorial, you discover, you`ll need to read that whitepaper about some other technology. Now you initiate your TODO list. Hey, and what`S about that new Stephen King`s roman your friend recommended you to read? Put it on the list either! Next day you hear about a new Amazon Cloud Service - this one is going to be a hit for what you do. Need to read about it. Goes on the list. Will you ever get anything on that list done? Can you do one thing from that list and put the rest of your ongoing work on hold? SwapMash solves the whole problem: we`ll scan that site for you and build a simple tutorial from it. We`ll keep your eBooks, whitepapers, tutorials - whatever. You can read a bit of that book, then get back to the tutorial for a while, that further to the Amazon white paper, get back to the book - and so. Do what`s in your mood right now. You`ll get things done in parallel and won`t ever drop anything you like but too busy to read it.

  • Sure. We keep bookmarks to where you stopped reading each of the swaps so you can proceed right from that point any time. So you spend little time, just occasionally and still proceed with important things without having to stop or cut any other reading-related activity.

  • Several reasons. You can analyze how you did in last three months and discover, that even if you didn`t spend more time on reading than before, actually you read more and more stuff - which means you became more effective. Another reason: you can discover that you read too much at night. Maybe you should spread that effort along a daytime and get more sleeping hours? How much more are you reading on weekends than during the workign days? Do you read a lot of books about business and programming but too little about history or cooking you always wanted to read? So, why don`t you give a push in that direction?

  • It`s free.

  • Swap is any type of reading bunch, like eBooks, documents, text files, links to sites where we should extract data for you from.

  • Buy eBooks or find free ones, get pdfs, epubs, Word or OpenOffice documents - whatever you find on Internet or from any other source. We`ll also extract data from sites for your convenient reading. Drop it all into your SwapMash box and start reading.

  • Not yet. We are evaluating this feature - we have to make sure we don`t break any law regarding copyrights before we release such feature.

  • pdfs, epubs, docs, txt, zips with images or scans. You can also provide links to those types of files on Internet, links to sites to extract data.

  • You can use any device running a browser: computer, tablet, phone.